A methodical approach    In order to define many-faceted or complex job profiles, an analysis by external consultants usually provides security. Using dedicated methods specially developed for the purpose, those involved, such as HR officers or line managers are questioned. Here, taking account of developments and a variety of effects over the next 2-3 years can have a major impact and usually changes the original perception of the job profile.


Fast facts

  • Jobs with multilayered requirements
  • Focus on aims and trends
  • Takes both environment and spheres of influence into account
  • Only together with HR and line managers
  • Carried out by addexpert consultants
  • immediate evaluation involving all participants

Aims and benefits

  • Embracing the relevant factors (big picture)
  • Incorporating time-based changes
  • Precise definition of different role mixes
  • Reliable weighting of the required competences
  • Maximum risk reduction in respect of task development
  • Addressing the actual attractiveness of the job



Selection, matching and advancement of potentials

Candidate-Assessment   Today, assessments are standard procedure in personnel selection. Thanks to fast implementation and continuously improving methods, the importance of diagnosis and prognosis procedures independent of time and place is steadily increasing. One or two day individual assessments are carried out by specialized companies, which we select as needed. We concentrate on online assessments, which we use in our own selection procedures, but also want to make available to our clients and candidates.



For our clients we offer

  • Needs assessment and consulting about aptitude testing
  • Requirements and competency analyses for each job
  • Behavior and profile analyses for candidates
  • Employee workplace and team analyses
  • Choice of various assessment methods

For our candidates we offer

  • Application counseling and coaching
  • Long-term assistance incl. career management
  • Job-related behavior and profile analyses
  • Competency and potential analyses
  • Choice of various assessment methods


  • Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

    Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)

    The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides you with a comprehensive analysis of behavior in the workplace and ensures you an objective and valid assessment of new employee aptitude, the best use of your training budget and helps motivate employees and reduce turnover.


    Science in an easily understandable form    Our assessments are based on purely scientific principles, guaranteeing the objectivity and validity of our analysis. Thomas International meets the requirements of the renowned British Psychological Society (BPS) for assessment procedures and is a founding member of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (BTPA).


    The baseline report analyzes

    • professional strengths and weaknesses
    • the special value for the company
    • behavior in the workplace or under pressure
    • communication style and motivation factors
    • potential and areas for development


    The sales audit analyzes

    • opening and communication
    • closing
    • presentation of products & services
    • customer care and long-term customer service
    • management and administration in sales


    The management report analyzes

    • motivation, leadership and employee development
    • decision-making and conditions
    • planning and problem solving
    • communication style and communication skills
    • dealing with administration


  • Candidate Coaching

    Candidate Coaching

    In addition to the usual support we offer our candidates in the selection and job application process, we provide individual coaching aimed at a specific position, as needed.


    Job-Related Coaching

    • personality and affect
    • customer analysis / customer & job benchmarking
    • analysis of the job requirements and customer expectations
    • preparation for interviews and conversations with our customers
    • support for presentations or assessments


    General Coaching

    • personality and affect
    • preparation and selection of assessments
    • evaluation and advice in developing personal potential
    • preparing an action plan for changing behavior
    • feedback sessions and career planning as needed


  • Potential Analysis 

    Potential Analysis

    Learning and potential     How quickly a new employee learns new procedures and how to react to change can make the difference between success and failure. The GIA test identifies precisely how and at what rate a person learns. In addition to the usual references letters, this test is a good tool for identifying skills and potential.


    Developing high performers and ensuring that they are continuously challenged and stimulated is the secret of success in many companies. The GIA test will help you figure out which of your talents is most responsive to training, how open they really are to change and how to give them suitable challenges.


    The GIA test answers questions such as

    • Can this person think for themselves?
    • How adaptable is this person?
    • Can he/she cope with the mental demands of the job?
    • Is the person driven to succeed?
    • Can they solve problems well?
    • How successful will training activities be for this person?
    • Is this person sufficiently challenged?
    • Can this person implement change in the company?


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IntroPers Ist eine Kombination von Mitarbeiter-Coaching und Organisations-Consulting, mit dem Ziel, dass neue Mitarbeitende optimal in Ihre Tätigkeit sowie Arbeitsumgebung eingeführt werden. Mit erprobten Standards, Tools und Methoden werden die verschiedenen Erwartungen und Bedürfnisse aller Beteiligten abgeglichen und nach Bedarf angepasst. Auch die für eine Einführungsphase typischen Kommunikations-Hürden oder Missverständnisse, werden auf ein Minimum reduziert oder gar eliminiert. Unsere erfahrenen Consultants generieren mit IntroPers zudem Erkenntnisse und Inputs, welche das Team, die Abteilung und das Management positiv beeinflussen (sollen).



  • Cultural Fit Analyse vor oder während   des Rekrutierungsprozesses
  • Erfassung des Firmenkultur-Profils sowie von Mentalitätsfaktoren
  • Bestimmung von Risikofaktoren inkl. möglicher Auswirkungen
  • Vergleich von Zuständigkeiten und Motivatoren
  • Präventive Erarbeitung von Massnahmen und Vorschlägen


Work & Fit

  • Einführungs-Coaching während der Probezeit (3Mt)
  • Einbindung von Management, Vorgesetzten und Team
  • Erfassung und Abgleich von gegenseitigen Erwartungen
  • Umsetzung von Massnahmen bezüglich Prozesse und Kommunikation
  • Empowerment für Motivation und Performance


Option (individuelle Zusammenstellung)

  • Teamentwicklung und/oder Potentialförderung
  • Performance- & Prozess-Optimierung (Mitarbeiter & Team)
  • Workshop, Mediation & Konfliktlösung (auf allen Stufen)
  • Konzepte und Development bezüglich kultureller Fragen


Ziel & Benefit

  • Keine Doppelbelastung für interne/eigene Ressourcen (Pate)
  • Prävention und Schutz vor Team- oder Arbeits-Konflikten
  • Steigerung der Motivation und Leistung des neuen Mitarbeitenden
  • Steigerung der Arbeitgeber-Reputation auf dem Markt