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  • Outlook of recruitment development 08.10.2016

    In a few years, the search for a job or an employee will be changed fundamentally.
    Young people who enter working life, will register in a central career platform, where they’ll select their preferences and upload all of the needed documents.

    Companies on the other side, will manage their vacancies in the same manner on the same (or similar) platform.
    Thanks to an established global industry standard for competence description, open candidates and vacancies will be matched automatically.

    The job market of today will change fundamental and have to adapt.
    Today's recruiters will have to focus in analyzing corporate resource requirements.

    Future Recuitment System-Concept:

    General objectives
    • A software, which enables maximum matching quality in realtime, without using keywords
    • Automation of all highly repetitive work-steps including communications
    • Job sharing by modularization of the entire recruiting process

    • Simple profiling of candidates and vacancies by a dynamic and intelligent competence catalog
    • Multi-level matching system, which allows interventions and adjustments in real time at any level
    • More than 300’000 different profiles can be defined with only few mouseclicks (Fuzzy-Logic)

    Task-Manager (virtual assistants)
    • Algorithm-driven automation of about 80% of all daily routine work
    • Up to 20 fully-automated and coordinated steps depending on configuration
    • Ensure a consistently high quality communication to clients and candidates

    Visionary approach
    Implementing a context-/cluster-mining software (expert system) in order to:
    • Pattern recognition of existing codes (profiling) for the independent coding
    • Flawless profiling and automated job-allocation and more….